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Does anyone want sex on the beach?
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Current Music:Breakerfall ~ Pearl Jam
Subject:It's the beginning of the end of the beginning
Time:12:34 pm
Current Mood:enthralled
Woo! Yesterday was dee best day of Iv'e in some time! =] I just wish I had got to HANG OUT WITH MY OUT!!! =] (I want those boxers sooooo bad...def shouldv'e bought them)

Well yesterday I went to the mall with a bunch of people, those of which included, Katie, Katie, Meg, Bridgit, Munson, Sammy Banks, and Heather!!! It kicks sooo much ass (Like it wouldv'e kicked BEAL'S ass...And that is ALOT of ass). But we went to Subway(Eat Fresh!). The only thing that wouldv'e made it better wouldv'e been if Hanna was there...cause we all know how much I like to Hanna Hanna!

Then we went to dee movies and saw Ocean's 12, me and katie didn't reely "see" it...if you catch my drift ;]. After that me and Sammy Banks called renay after everyone else had left and we were like 'renay wer'e lost, where do we go' lol

Oh, and in the movie theatre i used the handicap bathroom lol. Then I went back to the mall and looked at a bunch of u2 stuff that i asked for for christmas, then came home.

Once i arrived at my casa, i proceeded to eat a regular bagel with STRAWBERRY cream cheese, it was very tasty. But then i got a tummy ache (yes, a tummy ache lol).

Then this morning I played alot of virtua striker and some mario too =]. I tried striking up a conversation with munson lol. And I told andy that u2 is better than the clash, because they are better than anyone...except katie of course =]

Well, I'm off to eat breakfast around 1 PM lol.

Love To Katie

Pax Ex
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Current Music:Pretty Fly ~ The Offspring
Subject:And All The Girlies Say I'm Pretty Fly For A White Guy
Time:09:59 pm
Current Mood:lazylazy
Hey Hey Hey Guys! J Tizzle-Dizzle-Fo-Shizzle-Is-Not-Blackizzle is back by popular demand. By that I mean Hanna demanded it...and she's pretty popular =]

But anyway onto dee good stuff...I'm still my sweet and sexy self [Just ask Katie ;)]. I'm actually attempting to try in school now, because I failed History and Spanish soooo badly that even if I get a D, i'm in summer school...and that's no fun =[.

Well, I broke up with Kristy yesterday, cause I didn't want to lead her on and stuff, and you know the drill lol. But I got a new girlfriend last night, and she's one of the reasons I broke up with Kristy =/. But I'm probally gonna see her saturday...I can't wait...=]

I'm in the fitness room all week for my 2 gym classes a day that I worked so hard to get lol. But I'm gonna EVEN SEXIER (Like Johnny flippin' Depp sexy) for saturday, provided I can get a ride. I also wrote a poem about a duck that becomes the president and eats grilled cheese for english yesterday..=]

Oh, and before I forget KLIQ CHRISTMAS KICKED MAJOR BOOTAY!!! It even exceeded expectations (Which were amazingly high since I was gonna be there). Texas Chainsaw was funny as all hell lol.


Ah, I got some major leaving to do so I gotta run because I like to Hanna Hanna...lol

Love. To. Katie.

Pax Ex
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Current Music:Rebel Rebel ~ David Bowie
Time:05:24 pm
Current Mood:ecstaticecstatic
It's been so long...and so much has happened...


- I got a new girlfriend...she's so awesome...
- Got 4 detentions for "cutting class"
- Talked to Kelley
- I started to become obsessed with popsicles

Well, I don't have alot of time right now, but I WILL update again soon to shed some light on alot of these

Love To Kristy...You are amazing

Pax Ex
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Current Music:I Started A Joke ~ The Wallflowers
Time:09:40 pm
Current Mood:melancholymelancholy
Well..It's been awhile...I broke up with Shannon...cause well...things just weren't working out...I mean we got along great and stuff, but there was just no chemistry, I just reely want a new chapter of my life to begin, because before I wasn't ready for the last one to end...and now I'm just feeling stuck on things...well I'm not gonna let this control my life...I hope

Today I had detention with fucking Senora Proda-Bores cause I laughed at Roy for getting detention...that is so retarded...speaking of retarded, Tony Marcantonio got in house for saying something about retards today in British Lit. lol That kid deserves in house everyday of his life...

Well today, I had soccer practice after detention and barely had time to run to Johnny's to get my drink and shit. After practice I went out and played cards...won $10 so I didn't do too bad...and now I'm watching Red Sox vs. Yankees ACLS Game 2...after we lost last night I was so pissed off...

Well I'm only reely updating because alot of ppl have been complaining to me about it...so I did...happy now?
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Current Music:Beauiful Day - U2
Subject:The Entry Of Awesomeness aka Sophia(1)
Time:09:47 pm
Current Mood:impressedimpressed
Well, today history was made in a number of ways...but i'll get into that later...I'd like to start
by giving a shout out to Sophia(2), cause she's an awesome friend...

One way that hitory was made today, was that the unstoppable, undefeated golfing force of Al Carter and J Tizzle(Myself) have advanced to face Connor and Bob by defeating Dan and Sean 2 holes to 1...It's a shame Sophia(3) wasn't there to see Al Carter sink that last put and the victory dance that with proceed...

Today was boring although we watched a movie in English...and did something or other in Biology, I also wore my shorts rather high to soccer practice and on my way of the school, saw Sophia(4) and plainly said to her "Wassup Gangster?" lol

Once I had returned home to my native country of JTopia, I ate 3 bagels, watched TV, chillaxed, and talk to people such as, SHANNON <3, Heather, Mara, and Sophia(5). Also upon returning I drank 2 bottles of water, ate some steak and worked out. I also entered the bathing room, but did not bathe.

Also Emily said some stuff that makes my opinion on her change from being a fool, to being a selfish fool, because Kelley is one of my best friends ands and if it's not any of her business then it's definetly not any of Amanda's business who doesn't even know me, and the world does not revolve around you, and if you think it does than that's good for you but it is selfish, weak, shallow minded and pathetic!!! And I would the same thing for Kelley if she was in my situation!!! That reely did help, I'm glad you approved of my choice of words, Sophia(6)...

Your probally wondering why Sophia(7) is being mentioned so many times throughout this entry, well history was made more than once today. For listening to me I think Sophia(8)deserved some sort of recognition of some sort...So without further a do, I introduce to you the first ever Honorary member of the kLiQ:


In an interview with Sophia(10), herself, she said this...

"DinosaurCrunch9: so, how does it feel to be an honorary member of the kliq?
GladToTheBone026: DELICIOUS"

There you have it folks...history was made, whether it was in a match of golf that nobody reely cares about or the greatest thing since sliced bread, the kLiQ...history was still made...

And since the name "Sophia"(11) was used 11 times in this entry...then this entry must be 11 times as good as all the other ones [Can't argue with that logic, now can you?]

Love To Shanon...Much Love To Her..

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Time:07:03 am
The weekend so totally reeked of awesomeness, It KICKED ASS! I'm so not kidding when I think this mightv'e been one of the best weekends of my life.

Saturday: Saturday was okay, I mean it wasn't bad by any means, I mean I had to go "apple-Picking" with the rents, but I found a rotten one and I threw it and I beaned some little kid in the head, I didn't mean to either so I was like "O Shit" and I ran in the other direction. Then late Rocky II, III, and IV were on A&E, so that's how I spent my night lol...

Yesterday was the totally AWESOME, it totally made this weekend stand out, for instance I got to see Katie, Heather, Seano, and Sammy Banks, AND SHANNON=]! We went to the movies, saw "The Forgotten". I didn't reely get to see much of the movie...If you get my drift ;). Then I stayed up til 12:30 AM trying to watch the replay of the Sox game, cuz we kicked Yankee ass yesterday!!! But now It's time for hell...errr...i mean school...so I'm out.

Love To Shannon! Your the greatest =]!

J Tizzle...
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Current Music:Smoke On The Water!!!
Subject:Morning Entry...
Time:10:26 am
Current Mood:artistic
WOW...Saturday...10:30 AM...I should be asleep, but I'm not cause I have Karate at noon and I want to make sure I'm stretched and stuff, cause I was definetly lacking last night, and it was my worst class ever...All the 'Advanced' youth showed up and none of the other teens were there, because he put our classes together =[ And I to deal with the most annoying kids on the face of the earth...And they all think that they are better than me, because they are a higher belt, because they started before I did, and to make matters worse, I couldn't land a single Butterfly Twist last night because I stupid left leg kpet hanging, instead of tucking...so it made them all look like they were right...even though they havn't even learned the Twist yet lol...

I had detention yesterday from flippin Senora Prado-Bores, for humming a paper ball at this kid who deserved it...and she made me serve yesteday on FRIDAY!!! That's so cruel and unusual...and because I stayed after, my mom couldn't call me, cause my phone doesn't work in school, so she leaves, and as soon as I get out, I call her and she yells at me for being late...And I was so mad, because throwing a paper ball is not even worthy of detention, let alone 15 min on Friday...

My classes were alright I guess though...I mean Iv'e had better, it was a Day 1 though...I HATE those...double Spanish and double US History 1, with two of the most aggravating teachers, I have seen in all my days. One of them NEVER shuts up, I mean she talks so much, that I'm starting to doubt that she breathes, and the other one, is a stupid Spanish lady who overreacts!!!

Well, as soon I got home, talking to Shannon, made everything that went wrong worth it. She's so awesome, I'm so happy that I'm with her. I talked to Emily last night too, I think she's being foolish, and borderline obsessive...and last night I just ended up laughing at her for literally like 10 minutes straight lol. Anyway, I still have tomorrow to look forward too, cause I'm probally gonna go see Shannon =] And I might stop by and pay my sister a visit too. But just seeing Shannon will make everything better, so I'm totally stoked for that!

Seano and Heather were having some releationship problems, that I was summoned to fix, I think I did a bang up job too. Theyr'e back together right now, which I'm very happah about, and I think that the kLiQ, is FINALLY going into rebuild mode. After last week, I think the kLiQ was just starting to crumble before everyone's eyes...but oddly enough, now that I'm back to the way I used to be, I've been working in overdrive to fix everyone's problems...and the major problem was that the kLiQ was falling apart, but using my super-human strength, I pulled everyone out of the fire and back together again...

After this week, me and Heather have gotten alot closer, and me and Emily have drifted apart a little, I feel...I feel like, I'm becoming the center of the kLiQ, like the person that EVERYONE talks to...like the "Ambassador among friends" and I like it. So I feel like the kLiQ is becoming MUCH more well-rounded, I mean rather than me just talking to Emily all the time, now I'm talking to Heather, KT, Hanna, Je, and even Seano, ALOT more, and a little less of Emily. Well, sometimes the thing you think that could never possibly work, turns out to be the best move you can make...

Well, that's all for this update, I can't wait for tomorrow, provided I get my ass down to Scituate lol...Actually before I see Shannon, I gotta stop by my aunt's house, so I could probally swing by and say hi to Kelley, but I gotta go..

Love To Shannon!

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Subject:So much can happen in a week...
Time:06:52 am
One week ago, hours after my last entry...Emily broke up with me...I spent the weekend moping around, as she proceeded to rub it in, by 1) Getting over me in a day 2) Noticing some other guy...that smokes, not even a day after we break up. I talked to her and her friend Amanda that weekend, and neither of them had any sympathy for, so I decided to get them out of my life for a few days...

Monday: Chillaxed, skipped soccer practice, School was boring, talked to Heather and KT though..

Tuesday: Night game vs. Rockport, lost 2-0, had a good time though, I had a reely good time actually now that I think about it, A night out with the guys, was just what I needed

Wednesday: Didn't start my homework til 11:00 PM that night, and I talked to Emily for the first time in 3 days, It was kind of awkward, but we survived... Wanted to skip soccer practice...didn't reely have that option though, because I skipped mondays...Emily also officially announced us as... o-v-e-r...but for some odd reason that galvanized me to get pumped... =?

Yesterday: Shitty Start...Happah Ending...Classes were boring, I had a feeling that yesterday was gonna be better than all the other days and I was right...after losing 1-0 in soccer, I talked to Shannon, who I kind of had a thing for and now we are going out!!! =]!!!

Shannon, your the greatest, luv you!
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Subject:A week in the life
Time:02:48 pm
Guess who's a poet now? THIS GUY! Ya, I wrote 2 poems for Emily so far, everyone thinks theyr'e good too...


Whenever I see you walking by
Me heart soars up into the sky

I always think about you
It makes me miss you even more
And then I always realize
Your holding the key to my heart's door

As soon as I hear your pretty voice
All my problems go away
Life would be so perfect
If I could see you everyday

Your eyes dance with beauty
In the shining rays from the sun
Just the mention of your name
Makes my mind begin to run

As I see your pretty face
I just want you to know
I don't know what I'd do without you
I'd be trapped in an endless cold

You alway say you love me
And I know it's always true
I treasure every moment
As long as it's with you

I care about you hunni
I don't know what to do
So, I'll tell you how I feel
Emily - I - Love - You

**I Know A Girl**

I know a girl
She's caring, loving and kind
Every day and night
She's always on my mind

I know a girl
Who makes roses look like weeds
Just talking to this girl
Fufills my wildest dreams

I know a girl
Who loves me for me
And everytime I close my eyes
It's always her I see

I know a girl
Who I cannot live without
Even thinking of her
Makes my heart begin to shout

I know a girl
Who chained me up and has the key
But these chains are chains of love
And I don't want to be set free

I know a girl
Who wants me to cut my hair
But I'll do anything for her
Anytime, Anywhere

So I wrote those 2 poems, The first one, I wrote on Monday and I wrote "I know a girl" yesterday...

Monday I got to talk to Emily alot, so it was a pretty good day, Tuesday was like that too. At night, I havn't felt too good all week, but I went to soccer practice on Tuesday, and we won our game against Manchester yesterday (3-1). I had CityLab on Tuesday, which was pretty boring...

I reely didn't feel good last night or this morning, so I stayed home today, I reely want to see Emily...I wish she was here right now...I might get to see her on saturday though, and have I got some surprises for her =]

Well, I'm out for now...I LOVE YOU EMILY!!!
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Subject:*Noises*...... Morgan.....*noises*..... Frank....
Time:11:18 pm
Hello to all my viewers...I'd not like to share my week with you all

Tuesday: Best day EVER!!! Spent most of the day with Emily, I love her so much, met her parents and hung out around her house, slouHnged are too...

Wednesday: Complete opposite...this day totally sucked...School Started...School Sucked...here's this years line-up...

A Block ~ US History I ~ Mrs. Cox - This Lady does not shut up, she talks so much that she doesn't breathe...we need to get her a muzzle...

B Block ~ English II ~ MURPH DAWG - MURPG DAWG is THE MAN, he is the funniest man alive (besides yours truly of course). Totally beats Conti from last year, even tho i'm stuck in the same room

C Block ~ Biology ~ Mrs. Allbach - I love this lady lol, she's so damn funny. She threatned to hit SpedMuffin with a yardstick!!! How awesome is that?

First Lunch ~ Starting Monday

D Block1 ~ Algebra I ~ Ms. Burghardt - I don't have this class anymore...Although Tony Marcantonio is one funny ass kid...

Second Lunch ~ Don't have it anymore...

D Block2 ~ Life Fitness ~ Mr. Macys (AKA Mace Dawg) - This dude is so cool. I had him in Junior High, I can't wait to start on Monday!!!

E Block ~ Spanish ~ Senora Prado~Bores - Bores is right, she bores the hell out of me. Well, she gave me my spanish name, whichs is Javier...

F Block ~ Physical Education ~ Mr. Daron - Had this dude last year. Nothing special here folks...

G Block ~ Geometry ~ Mrs. Byrunell - Geometry is wicked fun and easy. I thought it would be ALOT harder than it actually is...

Thursday: Same old, Same old...Had a soccer game, lost 0-3...

Friday: Pretty easy, dropped Algebra I for "Life Fitness" and went to both lunches! =] Well, now I get to eat lunch with my senior pals lol

Saturday: It was okay, didn't reely do anything, except I got to talk to Emily alot!!! =] Went to "Groveland Days" and that sucked. Also I got my annual Karate Pictures taken, I can't wait to see them...I'm gonna send them to the kLiQ!

Today: Helped with my Aunt's Brain Tumor/Cancer walk dealy, where all the proceeds go to research or something...Watched Ninja Turtles for like an hour and a half lol...And that's about it

Well, I'm out...I love you so much Emily, I hope I get to see you soon!
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Does anyone want sex on the beach?
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